What to Know About Oil Changes

July 7th, 2021 by

Has it been a while since your car’s oil was changed? A Maserati oil change is one of the best ways to preserve your vehicle’s value and keep it running for years to come. 

What Does Oil Do?

While you probably know that oil is a vital fluid for your car, you may not know exactly what oil does 

Your car’s engine has a lot of moving parts, and the oil keeps them lubricated so they won’t rub against each other. Oil also keeps an engine clean by filtering out dirt and debris. 

Why Are Oil Changes So Essential?

Clean oil ensures that an engine runs just as it should. However, over time, the essential components of oil start breaking down.  

It also becomes dirty. Eventually, oil gets very thick, and it can even turn into sludge. 

What Happens if You Ignore Oil Changes?

Those moving engine parts will start creating harmful friction if there isn’t enough oil or the oil is old and congealed.  

Plus, more dirt will get into the engine. And that sludge is particularly damaging, as it will hurt how an engine performs, and ultimately lead to a breakdown. 

When Should Oil Be Changed?

In terms of mileage, oil typically doesn’t need to be changed until you hit the 5,000-mile mark. Depending on the type of oil you choose, that may actually be closer to 10,000 miles.  

However, if you often drive in dusty or dry conditions, every 3,000 miles may be applicable. No matter the mileage, though, it is a wise idea to have your oil changed every six months. 

Get a Quality Oil Change at Maserati of Santa Monica

You don’t want to entrust your luxury vehicle to just any shop. This is why you should bring your vehicle to the service center at Maserati of Santa Monica for your oil changes. Contact us to make an appointment.  


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